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New Zealand's Widest Range of Decorative Flooring

When it comes to decorative flooring ideas, our range at Curtins Concrete Coatings will be able to meet your needs. From repair to resurfacing and refreshing tired concrete flooring, our wide product range means that we will have what you need to transform your floors.

Take a look at our range of products that are available to use on your next flooring project:


The Basics:

  • Curtins Concrete Coatings Powder 
    This versatile blend of cements and aggregates is the base for Curtins Concrete Coatings Trowel and Spray Systems. The colour is supplied as neutral or bone depending on the tint strength required. When mixed with the colour sachets and selected resin type, it provides an attractive durable concrete coloured finish.
  • Colour Sachets  
    There are 24 Pre blended powdered colour sachets that are available to provide the colour in the Curtins Concrete Coatings Trowel and Spray Systems. The 10:1pbv metering ratio allows for ease of colour blending.
  • Activator Concentrate 
    This concentrate is supplied as a high solids acrylic emulsion and is diluted with water to provide both the primer and the liquid component of the Trowel and Spray Systems. It provides adhesion to existing concrete as well as enhancing the mechanical properties of the decorative system.
  • Finish Coat 
    This pure acrylic solution provides a UV blocking seal and finish coat to the Trowl and Spray Systems. This specially formulated coat designed for the protection of paths and driveway areas, and is non-yellowing and resistant to black tyre staining.

Our Solution Specific Products:

  • Uraglaze
    When surfaces require chemical or scratch resistance, this two component marine grade acrylic urethane is the solution. This glaze is designed for use specifically in the epoxy based Ultakote System, as well as being used to provide extra durability to Surface Solutions Trowel and Spray Systems. It contains the UB absorber which provides excellent protection to hard woods and existing epoxy coatings.
  • Levelit  
    This self-levelling compound is ideal to use when the existing floor contour is uneven. It sets within one hour and is easy to sand, making it an ideal product to use within tight time frames. When used in conjunction with Activator or Epoxy Aquaseal it is suitable for exterior application.
  • Epoxy Aquaseal
    This water based two component epoxy sealer designed to withstand up to 250 psi water pressure. In situations where rising dampness causes problems, this sealer can be used as stand-alone waterproofing membrane or as primer with the Surface Solutions Systems.
  • Cat 700 
    When used in conjunction with the Curtins Concrete Coatings powders, this two component water based epoxy kit provides a very tough impact resistant covering. It can be applied in any thickness and it’s self levelling properties make it ideal to use floor topper.
  • Seal 121 
    This solvent based epoxy has a one hour dry time, and is ideal to use with porous surfaces such as concrete and fibre cement board.
  • EPL 521
    The versatile economical epoxy resin kit is used primarily for the bonding down of fine marble and quartz aggregates used in Aggraform System. With it’s relatively long working time, this is an ideal product to use in the application in chip coatings of floors, stair wells, decks, and as a complete waterproofing membrane.
  • KCP Kit
    When treating cracks, this 100% two component epoxy is the ideal solution. Along with a fibreglass mesh and suitable preparation of the crack, a sound crack is obtained prior to applying other Curtins Concrete Coatings screeds and coatings.
    This premium two component epoxy consists of a blend of polyamide cured concrete flooring paint. Its cross linked film makes this treatment idea for resisting a variety of chemicals and mineral oils.

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