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The Spray System Specialists in New Zealand

If you are after a way to refresh or transform your flooring, our Curtins Concrete Coatings Spray System has a number of products that can meet your needs. With the Spray System, a powder and activator is sprayed onto the concrete flooring to achieve a wide range of colours and textures.

The powder is first sprayed on as one base colour, with more colours sprayed finely over the first to achieve multiple colour appearances. The spray texture can be applied as a uniform layer or as a tiled layout, using stencils to provide a large number of repetitive patterns.

Our Spray System textures are ideal to use in areas where a high degree of slip resistance is required such as on patios, steps, ramps, and in swimming pool areas.

Our Pre-Treatment Process:

Before beginning our Spray System service, we undertake a number of preparation treatments for you. These include:
  • Surface Preparation 
    When preparing to spray onto concrete, we will ensure that the concrete surface is sound, and free from all oily residues, moulds and other growths. With new and non-weathered concrete surfaces, we will remove of the fine cement layer that can float to the surface during trowelling. We will also prepare the surface as necessary by water blasting, etching or grinding of the surface.
  • Crack Treatment  
    After the surface has been prepared, any cracks that are stable will be treated using the KCP epoxy kit. We will use fibreglass to provide added strength to the epoxy-bridged crack. In the case of unstable cracks and expansion joints, these will be hidden using a tile effect.
  • Priming
    Where the concrete is dry and there is no continuous rising dampness, we will apply an activator concentrate to the surface. In the case of damp substrates, we will apply the Epoxy Aquaseal. This will form a complete water barrier that is required to eliminate possible milkiness under the subsequent glaze. This Epoxy Aquaseal will require 24 hours to cross link and dry prior to the application of the Spray topping.

The Spray System Process:

Once the preparation is complete, the decorative spraying will begin. This will involve:
  • Application Spray Texture
    Our Curtins Concrete Coatings powder will be blended an Activator as well as the colour sachet. The mixed product will be applied by trowel or spray to provide a suitable colour for the grout lines of a tile pattern. Once masking or stencils have been laid, spraying of the texture will be carried out using a hopper feed spray gun. There is a minimum of 24 hours cure time that is required prior to sealing with Finish Coat or
  • Sealing  
    Once the spray texture is completely dry the sealer will be applied. (Note: Shaded areas may require more drying time.)
    To reduce to growth of mould and help surface resist staining, the Finish Coat is recommended. Our Finish coat is ideal for pathways and driveways where black tyre marking is a problem.
    Where there are areas that require a more durable sealer, our Uraglaze is recommended. This glaze is ideal for garage and kitchen floors, providing them with a scratch resistant, chemical resistant coating.

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