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Concrete Flooring Specialists in New Zealand

With the Curtins Concrete Coatings Trowel mix, our specially formulated products are applied to the surface by trowel. The process mimics that of the Spray System, however the hand application and use of ‘colour stains’ can provide a variety of attractive effects such as tile, slate or marble.

The Benefits of Trowel Application

With the ability to mimic a number of natural stone effects at a fraction of the cost, the Curtins Concrete Coatings Trowel mix application provides an idea alternative to slate, marble or tiles. Due to the concrete material used in this process, the floors are naturally warmer, and underfloor heating is more effective.

Colours are able to be blended and overlaid, creating the ability to customise your design. As well as this, the Trowel mix application provides large range of colours and pattern options, making it an attractive choice for flooring throughout the home.

Where Can Trowel Mix Be Used?

The Curtins Concrete Coatings Trowel mix application can be used in both wet and dry areas. The product is applied as a wet mix (much like a cake mix), and is used to seals the joints between the cabinets and the floor. This sealing affect makes it ideal to use in wet areas such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens, giving you years of durability.

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